Questions about the new Health Care Reform (Obamacare)

– How will my medical coverage be affected?
– Will I have to change my health insurance plan because of the Health Reform Act?
– What is the Health Care Exchange/Marketplace?  Will I be better off with a health plan from there?
– Will the new Exchange/Marketplace plans save me money?
– Will I be able to get a subsidy or discount to lower my health insurance premiums?
– Do I have to keep my employer’s group health plan?  What if my employer doesn’t offer health insurance?

These are questions everyone is asking.  At J O’Brien Insurance Solutions, we have the answers.  Jessica O’Brien is an experienced Health Insurance Agent.  She has been working hard to stay ahead of all the new regulations coming from the Federal and State Governments.  Read her blog, give her a call—she can help.

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